ABC of Mantra Healing: Beginner’s Power to Mantras

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About Course

If you are a yoga teacher or a regular Yoga practitioner, you need no introduction to the importance of the Mantras. But there is hardly any guide to learning them as an authentic modality of healing.

The fact that ancient scriptures of Vedas and several Sanskrit texts on Yoga and Tantra hold the key techniques as their secret formula for alchemy is also not new.

But with adaptations, spanning over different cultures and countries, the gap of accessing real and authentic knowledge and wisdom widens.

In this course, there are principally two things:

  • Authenticity and Lineage based Manta knowledge and wisdom
  • Scientifically profound and pragmatic.

Literally, best of both worlds.

After this course, you will have a powerful tool you can carry anytime and anywhere you go. You will have a very apt, precise protocol of application of these mantras which will enable you to complement in any activity- From business presentations to doing a more powerful Healing session with whatever modality you already use.

Multi-disciplinary utility:

It is very ideal to use the application of these mantras to Reiki, Pranic Healing, Massage, Affirmations, Lemurian Healing, Timeline Healing, Crystal Healing, and Sound Healing.

Why should I do this NOW?

Mantra Yoga is like a magnum opus. But you need to start somewhere.

So, this is your absolutely essential BASICS guide of Mantra Science and Healing.

After this, you will be able to understand and experience the chants and Mantras at another level of imbibing its energy.

Once you are on this path, you will realize how this same science has been adapted into Reiki, Pranic Healing, Affirmations, etc. If you can learn the original science with ease, never skip that chance.

What will I learn?

  • Be able to access the power lineage of ancient sages and seers directly through mantras
  • Harness the power of speech
  • Attune to experiencing your sound body! ( yes, there is a layer of the sound body to your physical body)
  • Heal and channel the energy of Mantras for emotional cleansing
  • Experiencing the chakras and their resonance
  • Mantras for 7 unique benefits and their application
  • How and when to use these 7 mantras?

Is there more after I complete this course?

 There are various additional courses to help you grow this as a resourceful skill, empowering practice and a healing tool for the self and also to heal others.

  • Mantra Healing- Seven Chakras- Emotional Healing Pack
  • Breathing techniques with Mantras
  • How to use Nabhi ( Navel) and its power to heal with Mantras?
  • Mantra Healing- Level 1
  • Mantra Healing – Level 2
  • Mantra Healing- Level 3
  • Mantra Healing Advanced
  • Mantra Healing Teacher Training Course
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Course Content

Module – 1
This Module is to Introduce you to the foundation of the Mantra Practice we will be using for the specific practice we are undertaking.

  • 03:36
  • 02:19
  • Connection between Sanskrit and Mantras
  • What is Sound?
  • Effectiveness of Mantras: Factors
  • Goal Setting for the course/program
  • H.E.A.R T. Model

Module – 2
This Module is to help you chant the 7 powerful Mantras each dedicated for a different purpose and impact

Module – 3
This Module is to help you chant the 3 powerful Mantras each dedicated for a different purpose and impact

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