Chakra Samatolana: CHAKRA Re- Balancing Mantras for Emotional Freedom

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About Course

Energy Heals. And the primordial energy that gets expressed in the perceptible forms as “sound” and “light” also has the ability to change we feel about ourselves and the situations around us. 

Sanskrit is not a mere language that is archaic with mystical values. It is a language of Vibrations and this is the part we learn in these courses, ie, to harness them to alter our vibrations.


What’s special about this course?

Either someone knows too much or too little. Isn’t it? A carefully put-together syllabus for the right goal fetches the maximum benefits.


  • This has mystical and unique mantras which include Beeja mantras (seed mantras) in a specific formula which is after a rigorous practice of several years to know what is applicable and safe for all to use without any side effects or for it to be used incorrectly for others’ harm. 
  • This also has parameters of practical growth and comparison for yourself to assess as I have given a simple tool of NLP called the “HEART” Model and it is a start point for you to perhaps get a taste of COACHING and you can get a consultation with me for application as I take only limited individuals who are serious about investing in themselves.


In this course, there are principally

 5 modules, consisting of 32 videos that include 7 mantra meditations along with 7 mp3 of mantra sounds for practice and guidance.

After this course, you will have a powerful tool in addition to the earlier basic course you can carry anytime and anywhere you go. You will have a very apt, precise protocol of application of these mantras which will enable you to complement in any activity- From business presentations to doing a more powerful Healing session with whatever modality you already use.

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Course Content

Module 1: Foundation

  • What are mantras?
  • How do Mantras work?
  • Connection between Sanskrit and Mantras
  • What is Sound?
  • Effectiveness of Mantras: Factors
  • Goal Setting for the course/program
  • H.E.A.R T. Model

Module 2: Nuts & Bolts

Module 3: 7 Mantras and Meditations:

Module 4: Review:

Module 5: Audio Downloads:

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