Women Power: Scarlett Rose

She is a rose who ignites fire on Instagram, an influencer by profession. The diva is everything that a modern Indian woman is all about. Scarlett Rose previously hosted the India Poker Championship 2020 and she nailed her hosting game at the five-day event. Being one of the many women who promote poker, casino games, Rose has worked with prominent brands like Big Daddy Casino, Spartan Poker, Blitz Poker, Poker Sports League, etc.

We spoke with this social media personality to know more about how she approaches the industry, and what’s in store in 2021.

How did you first get introduced to poker?

I was always intrigued by the game. While watching Hollywood movies, poker would always fascinate me. After being friends with professional poker players, I started knowing more about the game. I once visited Macau & was amazed by the casinos, poker, and there has been no looking back since then.

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You have been associated with Big Daddy Casino. Tell us the overall experience of working with India’s most luxurious casino?

Big Daddy is one of the biggest and the most glamorous casinos I have worked for. When the casino opened in Goa, I shot a campaign for them and have been doing promotions with them ever since. They have an amazing team, they are very professional and extremely easy to work with.

How is it working with Spartan Poker, Blitz Poker, Hashtag Poker, LivePools?

I love working with poker brands and creating content for them. Each brand has its unique marketing strategies, and is fun to work with.

As an influencer, what made you choose this game?

I am a lifestyle, travel, and luxury influencer, but I also have a substantial number of followers who love the game of poker. This one is all about risks, adventure, and glamour. So, I thought why not!

How has your journey been as one of the women in poker?

Poker has been a male-centric industry so far, but there are quite a few women who are now joining the industry. I love hosting the tournaments and I have a lot of friends who I meet on a daily basis.

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Personally, which aspect of this industry makes you root for it?

There are many aspects, but what I admire the most is focus, patience, mental skill and patience that this game teaches you with time.

Where do you see the industry in the next five years?

With so many new players hopping on this bandwagon, people are choosing poker as a profession. In the next five years Goa may be the next Macau. The industry is just getting bigger.

You previously hosted the IPC. How was it? Can we expect you in the casino this time too?

I have hosted several shows on television, but India Poker Championship 2020 was the first time I hosted a poker tournament. Luckily, I had an amazing team who made it supremely efficient and easy for me. I must say, It was one of the best things of 2020. I cannot wait to be back.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I have a lot of plans aligned for the next few months; venturing into business is definitely on the cards. I will be launching a brand very soon. My life revolves around social media and marketing. I want to help more people and make them grow as social media is the way ahead.

This blogger adds her touch of magic to every campaign, promotion, or social media posts that she does for poker or any other brand for that matter. Rose is among those who are making bold decisions and making the game of poker and the industry grab headlines. For more articles about women in poker, influencers, etc, keep reading GutshotMagazine.com. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram.

Manthra Koliyer is a writer at Gutshot Magazine. She has an affinity for seeing the world through people’s eyes. With a bubbly fun personality, you can always catch her chatting with anyone she comes across. Holding an English Literature degree from Wilson College, Mumbai, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Asian College of Journalism, this pop culture fanatic is ready to take on the world with a pen, paper, and microphone. She also actively works on her personal blog called namasteyconvict.blogspot.com, where for a moment she lets you into her drama-filled world.

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