Energy Healing with laser sharp precision.
Made possible with ancient wisdom of Mantras and their inherent power.

  YES, you can learn it too

Does it ring a bell?


 What a brilliant display of co-ordination of sounds and adept musicians. 


 Well, what if I told you that your whole body is an orchestra where each and every organ, every cell is playing a symphony and we are a product of this great composition.

Read on and you will have a nod of agreement.

 Beyond the “OM” ing and Humming practised as standard practices, there are secretive and not- so- secretive doors to unlocking this treasure house of Ancient Mantras and their impact on us.

So, What is Mantradhwani?

Mantradhwani is a modality that uses ancient Sanskrit Sounds, Sound Mandalas (sacred sound geometry) and the voice to heal the body, mind, emotions and to align with the spirit self.

This is a hybrid platform- online and offline to keep you updated for Mantra Healing Modality Courses and Workshops held by the founder of the practice, Mukta Mayoori. Herein, you can login and get the most important knowledge capsules at your disposal for practice and benefit.

The reason why this is such a powerful module stems from the fact that it is harnessing the unquestionable and fundamental sources of life.

 I did not create this energy but only put its mechanics and formulae into semblance for use by one and all.

Mukta Mayoori

Each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration. All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having it’s own function and character, contributes to the whole

- Pythagoras

Knock Knock… Who is there?


If you are someone

Who has a keen interest in mysticism of energy healing and at the same time wants evidence based scientific methods, this modality of healing is the right tool for you.


If you are someone

Who has experienced some pure blissful moments listening to ancient Sanskrit chants and is interested in learning how to use your own voice to realise your healing power, this modality will set you fully empowered.


Or if you are someone

Who have tried many energy paths and can’t quite put a finger on what is it that doesn’t let you fully dive into it but at the same time, you know the truth somewhere is there, hidden and waiting to be found.

If you are any of the above, this modality is for you.
This door of spiritual reckoning is for you.

“What’s so special”?
You may ask…

I would say, truth is never absolute and it is relative. So what resonates at one time may not resonate at other times. We are a mixed bag of so many beliefs and contradictions. 
Isn’t it?

That’s why, I give you this unique method that has been brewed in the authenticity of timeless ancient wisdom and at the same time, packaged with relevant questions of today’s day and age.

 So not just WHAT of the technique but HOW and WHAT TO DO with the technique part as well.

The uniqueness of this modality is its symbiotic connection with sciences based on coaching and other modules like NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy and LIFE coaching so that you are able to find a tangible and experiential result!



We get it.
We know that you want to learn but at your own pace. That’s why these pre-recorded courses are designed. We know you have the willingness to work but need flexibility of time to follow it through.
Go on and explore !


Do you agree that there are some things that needs physical presence of the teacher to transmit? It cannot just be replicated by pre-recorded videos.

What can you find here?

3. Transformation Coaching

It is an extremely potent Transformative Programme for small and intimate Group; handfully picked and these dedicated 1:1 Coaching sessions bring out the REAL, BIG and Transformed YOU.

Simply put, if you are ready to take yourself to the next level of achievement and are ready to invest in yourself, this coaching program is just the push you need.


Mantradhwani offers live immersive deep Retreats that are held in the expanse of abundant nature and perfectly built for holding the space. Every year, we hold 4 retreats in India, Bali, Russia and Europe collectively. These are usually in most exotic locations across the globe.

5. Shop

Mantradhwani aims to bring to you a collection of all authentic mantras recorded for the best experience. 

Starting from the invocation mantras to yoga sutras to Upanishads,we are in the process of bringing in a collection of powerful mantras in your music player.

For purchase of our singles or albums, just head over to the track to play the preview and go ahead and make a purchase.

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A high frequency  Mantra Recording to help you draw the strength and courage!

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