A true Transformation is when you change your Energetic Alignment And work towards committing to your new Behavioural Goals.

- Mukta Mayoori

And this is the TRANSFORMATIONAL journey i undertake using
where i use a combination of techniques like

for overall Quantum leap of the version you are creating for yourself.

What are these Mastermind Coaching sessions?

These are conducted 1:1 or group which are announced from time to time exclusively here.

Best Part ?

You will do all this with step-by-step guidance on the questioning principles using models like Hexaflex, Triflex, Foursquare, Matrix, Choice point, etc.

This Journey is usually a minimum of 8-10 sessions where we deep dive together fully committed to bringing you from Point A to Point B. Please note that I don’t take more than 5 people for a month and this will be a fantastic turnaround point in your life.

To set up an inquiry appointment, pls go ahead and answer the easy questionnaire and someone from the team will arrange a communication if the synergy fits.

Kind words

This is the best journey I’ve ever been and one I am so proud of. You wouldn’t recognise the woman I am today. There aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am. If you’re looking for major transformation, confidence and self-worth, then go for Mantradhwani

Magical areas I help clients to

STEP UP their game...

This is a very unique amalgamation of Coaching, Healing, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, and Energy Practices for overcoming PSYCHOLOGICAL INFLEXIBILITY and thereon to move through the points of our tools to result in committed actions that will re jig your behavioral patterns. Herein, you and I shall de petal aspects of your true challenges with powerful Questions and Strategies like Paraphrasing, reframing, questioning techniques that will sometimes stun you as the real reasons and problem areas turn out to be very different from what our conscious mind thinks it is. In every session, we use techniques ranging from FOUR SQUARE, CHOICE POINT, MATRIX, etc to extract the nodes of the problem to make it solution-oriented. These are magical revelations for your life book about you.

IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE in prioritizing yourself, START with investing in your true growth.

No quick fixes

No semi-done thing

No delaying strategy

We see and examine the areas where the light needs to shine and we do that imperative game changing action and you will witness not just a point B but a point INFINITY which is where you will be heading after the completion of these sessions with me.

We will do this together

Meet Your Coach

Mukta Mayoori works with clients internationally in the capacity of a Coach, Healer and Enabler for the overall transformation, turning inside and out for the growth creation

An energy guide having founded a modality of Mantras called ‘Mantradhwani, she conjoins Reiki, Pranic Healing as well along with other ancient practises of Alchemy.
With her previous expertise in the field of Communication, Advertising and Marketing, she has an astute quality of absorbing and observing the required challenges to make them result oriented- holistically.

Mukta Mayoori is a Post Graduate in MS Communications from MAHE, India. She holds a graduation degree- BA with 9 gold medals in her Graduation from Bangalore University with specialization in Journalism, Women’s Studies, and Sanskrit.

She has accrued many recognized expertise internationally from various fora in the field of Coaching and Healing Sciences.

She has coached her international clients ranging from Visual Artists to corporate businessmen and women to Business owners to spiritual entrepreneurs.

Transformation Coaching 1:1

Transformation Coaching- Group

A Special Mention:

I take in ONLY 3-4  people, a maximum of 5 in  a month with intermittent gaps in between. 

This is purely because of the passion i have to enable and witness your brightest potential coming into full effect. Fear not where you are BUT if you have a vision that keeps you desiring another version of you, come to me.

The investment you make in this with your energy, time  and money is one part and the investment of my energy and time is another part and is intense and very involved  and hence only those who are propelled to take a quantum leap and have a burning desire to step up their game are welcome to apply 🙂

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