Connection with Self

Once a week – – 4 sessions- one month group deep dive into the journey of exploring the “CONNECTION WITH SELF” with Mantras, their pronunciation, special guided Mantra Meditations filled with Healing

Saturday evenings at 5.30 PM- 6:15 PM IST Starts From 28th May 2022

4 Sessions: 28th May-4th June- 11th June- 18th June

Sūtra (सूत्र) programme means
“Sacred Thread” is of “CONNETION WITH SELF

A thread that helps you to ground in yourself, listen to your inner being, have the field of energy to be felt, to amplify and expand yourself.

Once you start tasting this field of connection with self, your authenticity will grow.

And with your authenticity, all that you are involved with- be it relationships, job, entrepreneurship or interaction, everything will resonate with  the same authenticity.

In my new LIVE course of  Sūtra (सूत्र)– Connection with SELF,  we shall journey together.

What you will get in this programme?

This program includes:

  • 4 sessions will have the “ processes” of 4 different objections dissolved
  • We will also be learning the full chant of NIRVANA SHATAKAM
  • Right Pronunciation with Meanings
  • Singing practice of each stanza of the STOTRAM
  • Each session of Mantra Meditation will have sound healing
  • Energetic Body cleansing and resetting
  • Awareness of SOUND BODY
  • Special KRIYA YOGA integrated Breathing exercise
  • Each participant has to send in the recording after their individual practice.


 Energy Exchange is 3,200 INR ($50)  for 4 sessions
( Original Price 10,000 INR / $135)

Early Bird offer is 2,500 INR ($40), expires on 25th May 2022

I’ll be teaching you how to

Get in touch with your voice, your power so that you can...

We will Focus on

  1. Understanding sound body
  2. Experiencing Mantras in body
  3. HOW to access the codes of these sound vibrations 
  4. Ingredients to make it effective 
  5. What is our self 
  6. Accessing the inner self by making connection.
  7. Deep rich meditation practices with mantra chanting to release and re wire our connection 
  8. Developing our Voice from the core.
  9. Improvement of speech 
  10. NIRVANASHATAKAM RECORDING AND pronounciation class.

How will it benefit me?

  1. Development of voice and confidence
  2. Tracing and Accessing our voice of authentic self
  3. Calmer mind and improved emotional self
  4. Balance of blood pressure
  5. Improved focus and vitality
  6. More meaningful relationship with self.
  7. Activation of deep states of awareness 
  8. Improvement in mental alertness and response
  9. Release of emotions and restoration of balance 
  10. Access to deeper states of consciousness 
  11. Purification of mind 
  12. Karmic cleansing 

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