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Welcome to the section where a system is built taking into consideration a few essentials which are best described in the video below for your introduction into this world.

Mantras are famous.

 They have that hypnotic effect.

 The reason why you are even reading is somewhere you have had the experience of its potency.

Unfortunately, there are inauthentic, incorrect, and very famous ways the mantras have been distorted. 

This makes it even more of our responsibility to learn the source of this powerful source with honor and respect. 

This is a universe in itself and we will carefully bring to light what can be transmitted with responsibility and practiced with integrity.

 With more than 25 years of experience, I have put together a carefully structured modality of Healing Courses with Mantras. These are stepping stones for you to learn the basics of mantra yoga and independently start your practise with these universally charged Mantras.


These courses are copyrighted and replication or re-jig of these materials in print, electronic or any other media will attract copyright infringement repercussions.


And most importantly, these are not the structures to be messed with. So please use them in accordance with instructions

Other Courses: Coming Soon!


3. Mantras for VITAL ORGANS

This is an assortment of Mantras for our internal organs and their vitality. Energy Exercises based on Dao and breathing practices differently integrated make this a very unique course.

Beyond a point, in integration all boundaries are erased and we become one with the practice itself.



Just like thunder and lightning are a pair, we have mantra dance for mantra sounds.

Mantradhwani has a very significant body based dance movement for healing called “Mantra Dance”. Healing sciences like Reiki, Dao, Qi Qong have movements built on the principle of subtle body energy movements. We will also explore a simple-to- follow energetic movements of sounds of Sanskrit mantras to unlock some of the most profound ways to heal our body and mind in the form of “Mantra Dance”.

In this practice, you will learn

Principles of Sacred Geometry

Channels of reception and

  Distribution to make our own energetic movements at the end of it.

It is like learning a new language and you are free to build the legacy of that literature with no bounds


5. Meaning of sound (Aksharas) and their energetic signatures :

We will lean the basics of 3 primordial sounds which are common for all languages and their energetic experience.

Foundation laying with background : What is energetically so primordial in us as SOUND and how does that express itself as healing?

Understanding common words of usage for comprehension:  Since Sanskrit is a study of many life times, we will have a glossary of terms to be used frequenty.


6. Sound as an experience to release trauma, shame and guilt

 Finding the voice from the gut to liberate emotions. To constantly be in awareness, we will engage all aspects of conscious mind with awareness practices of breath and sound.

Coming Soon!


7. Exercises for training voice from the nabhi (navel):

To sing and to talk with that voice of assurance and authority stemming from authenticity.

Breathing exercises for moderating emotional temperaments : Breath changes how we feel. We will trace the dimension of breath with few known and unknown techniques.


8. Meditation with sounds for transcendental contact:

Guided Meditation for spiritually aware and emotionally rich and liberating experience that gives you a unique taste

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