1. Mantra Music

  1. Mantra Music is available for purchase from below links.

We will also be providing the lyrics in Sanskrit, English and Translation for the same.

2. Podcasts:

Interesting insights covered in the blog are brought to life with Podcast series- Mantradarshini.

What can you find here?

3. Books:

 We will soon be launching books for purchase.

4. Our Wellness Divine Alchemy Brand:

We have a specially curated Spiritual DIvine Alchemy Brand called “LOPAMUDRA”.  Lopamudra will cater to Ritual Candles, Handmade Soaps, Eco Printed slow fashion, Jewellery, Personal wellness products. Watch the space for further information. 

At the moment, you can go ahead and place order or inquiry call for the purchase directly via whatsapp.

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