Awaken your SPACE

Magic of Mantras and Vocals

2 month group deep dive into the journey of exploring Mantras with their pronunciation, special guided Mantra Meditations filled with Healing and singing practice based on voice training techniques.

Friday evenings at 7.30 PM- 9.00 PM India Time – 8 sessions

Starts On 25th January 2022


[Sūtra (सूत्र)]

Connection with Self

Once a week – – 4 sessions- one month group deep dive into the journey of exploring the “CONNECTION WITH SELF” with Mantras, their pronunciation, special guided Mantra Meditations filled with Healing.

Saturday evenings at 5.30 PM- 6:15 PM IST Starts From 28th May 2022

4 Sessions
28th May- 4th June –  11th June –  18th June

These are workshops mostly conducted only LIVE - be it offline or online as it involves working with the bio field and real time transmissions.

Avail yourself for these workshops whenever they take place.

Mantradhwani Healing modality has following levels of completion to enable empowerment and community-based healing experience.

There is no end to achieving and manifesting with the help of these powerful tools which are based on BODY, BIO FIELD, BREATH, INTENTION KEEPING, SOUNDS OF MANTRAS, and LIGHT ENERGY. THERE IS NOTHING MORE PROFOUND AND POTENT THAN the culminated force, the essence of all essential to come together.

This is that MODALITY which works independently well as much as as a supplement or adds on to REIKI, PRANIC HEALING, CRYSTAL HEALING, COACHING, NLP, HYPNOTHERAPY, MEDITATION AND YOGA PRACTICES.


Basic sacred sound geometry. It helps one adopt and use tools of self healing with 3 important mantras which are universally chanted by tapping on its signature energetic imprint in the body and outwards.


Three primordial sounds and their healing space, sounds, movement and breath practices.

Hand movements to self heal and send healing with basic sounds and light


13 further sounds of swaras and their energies. Syntax of Shakti mantras and Mantra Purushas.

Mantra dance movements in addition to the healing signatures of hand and sound.

  1. Body Nyasa points and mantras for overall body organs including tissues, blood, muscles and plasma.
  2. Application of Pranayama Mantra Yoga, Planetary Mantras and Other formulaic essence of Mantra Yoga.
  3. Understanding the symbols of healing and making your own symbols for healing on navel points, heart and feet

There are some pre recorded workshop fundamentals available for purchase ONLY for those who have done healing LEVEL 1/2/3 or 4. Any replication of this material is against the copyrights law as well as morally and energetically not intended for use by others.

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